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New Beginnings

A few days ago I made the decision to stop blogging and reporting on news about Rob and Kristen (or as my family called it----" i had a meltdown"). Truth is, I just wasn't happy with a lot of things, things I won't revisit here because this post is after all about New Beginnings. That was then this is now.
In the days that passed, I've reflected on that decision and I felt nothing but miserable. Why? Because I feel like I gave in. Life is about "sticking it out" (as my father mentioned to me this weekend). I started the blog 7 months ago because I truly am fascinated by Rob and Kristen, that has not changed, won't change. So after giving it some thought and with a new helper on board I've decided to start a new live journal community dedicated to my guilty pleasures, Rob and Kristen at [info]pattinsonstew
With that said, I hope you find our new community a valuable source for all things Rob and Kristen! You can also find us on twitter at @PattinsonStew


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Oct. 4th, 2010 04:44 pm (UTC)
I'm glad too :))