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The New York Observer has put together a list of the hottest films to watch before Thanksgiving, and not to be missed is Welcome to the Rileys.

Welcome to the Rileys
, Oct. 29, Sony
It's going to be interesting to see what will happen with Welcome to the Riley's, a small movie starring two people of great interest to very different audiences. Kristen Stewart, patron saint of the skinny and faux-awkward riding the L train, plays an underage stripper/prostitute (who will also surely be skinny and awkward) who becomes the personal project of a businessman, played by James Gandolfini. It's a toss-up which is harder for audiences to divorce themselves from, Gandolfini's Tony Soprano or Stewart's Twilight heroine. The good news is that this film also stars the magnificent Melissa Leo (Frozen River), and was written by Ken Hixon (Inventing the Abbots); it was directed by Jake Scott (son of Ridley). We're a little concerned to hear what we think might be a Southern accent coming out of Mr. Gandolfini (who last did this in the disastrous remake of All the King's Men), but we're holding out hope.



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