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Sightings are from today as they awaited/board a connecting flight to Bariloche where 'On The Road' will be filming some scenes this week. Looks like they're scheduled back on the 28th.

RT @arapchuck: No words! Completely divine and super friendly. And the rest of the guys also.

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Hai John!! Why so giddy?
RT @dont_getmewrong: "Kristen is here, my friend works in the airport and took a picture with her"
RT @Floopi: "Yes, she said hi to me! Was in front of me looking at some magazines in the VIP section...and Rob is not with her"
RT @Floopi: "[flight] leaves in 30 min and [she] returns on the 28"
RT @dont_getmewrong: "Kristen is waiting for the flight to Bariloche..." 

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