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Nikki Reed visited Ellen yesterday and brought a new 'Eclipse' clip - while there is no footage yet here's an excerpt of what it entails:

Though we learned that Rosalie's backstory will only take about two minutes of screen time to tell, we were excited nonetheless to see that
the scene shown on "Ellen" took place right before Rosalie shares her sad tale with Bella. In it, she explains why she has always been so cold to the human who captured her brother Edward's heart.

"I don't hate you…. Bella, I envy you," Rosalie explains to a shocked Bella. She adds, "You have a choice, I didn't. None of us did, but you do, and you're choosing wrong."

Rosalie is of course talking about Bella's choice to want to become a vampire, but we didn't know being a vampire meant that you need to look so rough around the edges. We've already talked about Kristen Stewart's not-so-hot wig, but Nikki wasn't looking much better with her weird mussed up hair and super-white make-up in the scene as well.

some screencaps from the clip via @miratl

Video of the NEW clip

Here's a video of Nikki on The Ellen Show