New Beginnings

A few days ago I made the decision to stop blogging and reporting on news about Rob and Kristen (or as my family called it----" i had a meltdown"). Truth is, I just wasn't happy with a lot of things, things I won't revisit here because this post is after all about New Beginnings. That was then this is now.
In the days that passed, I've reflected on that decision and I felt nothing but miserable. Why? Because I feel like I gave in. Life is about "sticking it out" (as my father mentioned to me this weekend). I started the blog 7 months ago because I truly am fascinated by Rob and Kristen, that has not changed, won't change. So after giving it some thought and with a new helper on board I've decided to start a new live journal community dedicated to my guilty pleasures, Rob and Kristen at [info]pattinsonstew
With that said, I hope you find our new community a valuable source for all things Rob and Kristen! You can also find us on twitter at @PattinsonStew


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Total Film's Hot List: Vote Rob, Kristen, WFE & The Runaways

Total Film is asking it's readers to vote for the hottest movies and stars for a chance to win an iPod Touch. Among the nominees are Rob, Kristen, Water for Elephants & The Runaways!

Robert Pattinson
The man occasionally known as Edward Cullen proves his worth

Kristen Stewart
There's more to her than just Bella Swann

Water for Elephants
Robert Pattinson’s latest non-Twilight effort

Cherry Bomb – The Runaways (The Runaways)
These chicks rock!

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'Panic Room' - A Top 10 Movie Based In One Location

With Ryan Reynold's Buried coming out soon, IGN movies has put together a list of the ten greatest movies set mainly in one location only.


Unsurprisingly set in a hi-tech panic room (if there wasn't a room and at least a little panic, we'd be on the phone to Trading Standards), this is David Fincher flexing his muscles: he didn't need to make this movie, but wanted to show he could anyway. Jodie Foster and a young Kristen Stewart are the mother and daughter holed up in an expensive, oversized coffin, while Forest Whitaker and his cronies attempt to infiltrate the impenetrable. Fincher, meanwhile, swings his camera up and down stairs, in and out of air vents, and at one point, through the handle of a coffee pot for absolutely no reason. Pfft. Show off.

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Rumored Role for Kristen Stewart: 'Someone In The Dark'

According to production weekly Kristen Stewart has been "mentioned" to play Talia in a new thriller titled "Someone In The Dark".

cap: via

 According to an article from THR (october 2009) DreamWorks Studios has purchased the original screenplay and the script is being described as a "teen thriller".

There's also an entry on IMDB with a release date of 2013.

E X C I T I N G !!!! 

(this remains a rumor and nothing official has been announced)