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The photo appears on the Argentinian magazine 'Gente'

and another on-set photo + some with fans
(click to enlarge)

Excerpt from article:

Kristen Stewart at La Angostura
She is the young actress of the moment: Twilight star Robert Pattinson and a pair of the coveted single msa new breed of Hollywood stars step by Neuquen to shoot scenes for her new movie, On the road. Despite the mystery and low Profile, the girl who falls in love with vampires, werewolves and gentlemen around the world speak with PEOPLE.

You could take some pictures? (Kristen smiles and shows their charm. We apologize, explain that you can not)
"I love to, but do not let me because a movie came out twitter and trying to keep filming in secreto.En seriously, I'm sorry but I do not leave ... maybe next. In Argentina I have to come more often. (...)

(After all the revolution has come to be known as she was in Argentine territory, but is quite long and we already know is history)

La Patagonia Rebelde
Hotel Las Balsas, Wednesday, August 25 19.15 pm, a truck arrives Hyundai golden, where comes a bodyguard of three meters (well, maybe less, better not get too close to check it) frightens us. I just want to say hello to Kristen, we love her. We face fans, but the giant does not flinch. We pretend the most profound sadness "Please, please!" He insists. Then she lowers the truck and walks over to greet us. Time is short.

- What knowledge of Patagonia?
"Not much, really

- Did you try, for example, the dulce de leche?
-No, not yet ... what's that?

-Difficult to explicar.Algo very sweet. What mate?
"I saw it, yes. It has it all over the world, but not tested.

- Sign the books you tell us something?
"Of course, delighted.

Then Marina and Gimena, who traveled from Buenos Aires to meet her, gave her their copy of Twilight. Kristen, diligently and happy, take her precious pen, signs and thanks the fans.

thanks twilightlatinamerica :) | via: @kstewangel


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Sep. 2nd, 2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
oooh, Marylou <3 hehe
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