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"Kristen is actually like a really fun person," Welch, 22, recently told On The Red Carpet's Chris Balish. "She’s funny, she’s cool to hang out with, once you get to know her."

 "Kristen is very real and she’s an artist, she’s not necessarily someone who anticipated being a celebrity," said Welch, who plays who plays Mike Newton in the Twilight series. "I think she can come across a certain way because of this world she’s kind of been thrust into."

Welch said the line was untrue, adding: "When you get to know her, just on a basic, human level, sort of beyond all this other stuff, she’s very cool, she’s very sweet and incredibly smart, and just real, she’s just a real girl, and the part that I think would surprise people – actually a lot of fun to hang out with."